The War Musuem

Donations & Historical Loan Exhibitions

Institution Items/Exhibition Yr. Gift/L
U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides), Boston Barbary Pirate Sword, Original Ship’s China, etc. 1968 Gift
Smithsonian Institution: National Portrait Gallery (Washington, DC) Bronze Builders/Model: Iwo Jima Monument, Photos and Autographs of Flag Raisers 1994 Loan
Webb Institute of Naval Architecture (NY) 6 Ft. British Royal Naval Admiralty Ship Model (ca. 1780-1800) 1975 Gift
The United Nations (NYC) Exhibition: Paintings by Muhammad Ali 1979 G/L
Intrepid Air Sea & Space Museum (NYC) World War II: Battle of Britain 1992 Loan
Intrepid Air Sea & Space Museum (NYC) Original Iwo Jima Monument, Sculpture Models & Battlefield Memorabilia 1995 Loan
U.S. Naval War College Museum (Newport, RI) Over 200 Sailor-made Ship Models, “Trench Art” & Naval Scrimshaw Items 1990 Loan
The Mariner’s Museum (Newport News, VA) World War II: Battle of the Atlantic Submarine Memorabilia 1995/6 Loan
The Whaling Museum (New Bedford, MA) 1850’s “Moby Dick” Diorama 1999 Gift
Fraunces Tavern Museum (NYC) George Washington’s Bugles (Battle of Brandywine & Fraunces Tavern Farewell), etc. 1974 Gift
Chicago Museum of Science & Industry U505 World War II Submarine Memorabilia & Items 1998 Gift
U.S. Olympic Hockey Museum (AHAUS) Puck that scored winning goal on Soviets in 1980 Winter Olympic Championship Game, Hockey Stick signed by entire U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, pants of Vladimier Mishkin (Russian Goalie) 1984 Gift
Trinity Church (Newport, RI) “Meeting God On The Battlefield:” Exhibition & Lecture on Religious Trench Art from World Wars I & II 1993 Gift
Mystic Seaport Marine Museum Jansen Collection of 16-17th Century Ship Models of Carracks & Caravels. 1993 Gift
Intrepid Air Sea Space Museum (NYC) Collection of Kamikaze artifacts, “Belt of a Thousand Stitches “, etc. 2004 Gift
Intrepid Air Sea Space Museum (NYC) Collection of IWO JIMA Battlefield Relics for 60 Year Anniversary of Flag Raising, etc. 2005/6 Loan